Peter Pan Tinkerbell Costume

Peter Pan Tinkerbell Costume

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The major turn-off while ordering a costume is that some of the details are not exactly like the original costume. This Tinkerbell costume embeds the original look strikingly well. The short, flowing, and shiny dress gives you a beautiful outlook which is what you are aiming for in the cosplay event.

The shiny green design stands out:
The beautiful exquisite styling of the costume easily replicates the original Tinkerbell costume. Every single detail is the same which is the main aspect to look for when searching for a costume.  The matching wings are also present in the costume which makes sure that the original dress design is followed. All in all, the dress is lightweight and airy to ensure that you are comfortable while wearing the dress for the party.    

Easily washable at home:
With a single wash, you can get your Tinkerbell costume fresh and ready for the costume party. At the costume party, your dress will be shining bright and everyone will be looking at you.

Made from high-quality polyester material:
The use of high-quality material throughout the strapless green Tinkerbell skirt and top makes the dress extra durable and comfy. There is no itching, sweating, or discomfort as the polyester material takes care of everything.

There is a Tinkerbell costume for everyone:
Now, everyone can join in the fun as the costume is also available in striking designs even for kids and toddlers. So, it is the right time for you to pick up the Tinkerbell costume for your little one. Both of you will be twinning in the exquisite Tinkerbell costume which will be the highlight of the show.